Architectural Planning Newton Abbot

CB Architectural Services boasts no less than 20 years of experience within the construction industry and our team of professionals is able to provide bespoke architectural planning Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas. This is critical, for both local and national regulations must be addressed at every stage of a project in order to adhere to the relevant codes. Most homeowners are unaware of such stipulations and it is our aim to take the mystery out of these requirements.

While this can be a rather complicated area, we will nonetheless apply the very same attention to detail that customers have come to expect over the years.

Expert Planning Services in Devon at a Glance

It is a foregone conclusion that the needs of every customer are quite different. Whether referring to a loft conversion, a home extension or a similar alteration, our approaches will be based on the discrete needs of the client.

An initial consultation and hands-on advice will provide the customer with the clarity and insight required in order to appreciate the unique demands of the project itself. This is particularly relevant in terms of planning applications, for the associated requirements must be addressed from the very beginning in order to avoid any costly and time-consuming delays.

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Structual Calculations
If your project is a garage extension or if you have redesigned the whole of your home, the calculations needed to ensure a structurally safe and secure building are the same.

The engineers will factor in all the variables, from materials, building style, fatigue, existing buildings, surrounding ground and the intended usage. We are able to accurately calculate the necessary building materials and design for your project. This is not a service where you can choose a best-fit solution, the calculations are specific to every element of your individual build.

Getting the basics right
At the heart of every building project are the foundations. Everything you see and create is literally built on these. Calculating and building a strong set of foundations is the key to creating a beautiful project, which will last for generations.

The walls and columns will sit on the floor and the foundations, then the beams and the roof are built onto these. The whole structure relies on a suitable and stable foundation so it is vital that the correct structural calculations are made for this area of your build.

We believe in starting your project off on the right foot. Using our team of structural engineers is the perfect first step to creating your dream project.